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All Women Die P.J. Wolfson

All Women Die

P.J. Wolfson

Published 1933
Unknown Binding
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Men hated Carl Linden -- and there were many of them -- said that whatever he touched soon died. Even Carl admitted it was true. He was boss at a construction gang, blasting and gouging a road through solid rock. He attacked life in the same way. With men who opposed him he was ruthless. And whith the women who yielded to him he was heartless. It was his brutality that lost him Christine -- the only woman he ever loved. For years he tried to forget her in the arms of other women. Then he met Christine again and all his old hunger for her returned. It didnt matter that she was now his brothers wife. All that counted was his need for her. And so Carl set out to win her back, not caring whom he had to hurt to get what he wanted.