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North Central GPS Companion Clayton Wendt

North Central GPS Companion

Clayton Wendt

Published July 5th 1998
ISBN : 9781891759147
425 pages
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 About the Book 

The book lists GPS coordinates for over 8200 points in the States of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. These points include cities and small towns, as well as golf courses, major parks, waterfalls, colleges, forestry towers plus summits, rock pillars, lighthouses and many more. The points are listed in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds for Latitude and Longitude. Most points also include elevation! Each Companion includes a helpful How far is a Minute section tailored to the area covered by the book. This section and the handy data format conversion tables are intended to help solve real navigational problems quickly and easily.The book is compact enough to carry in a backpack or map case. It measures 5.25 x 4.0 and just under 1 inch thick. (425 Pages)