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xxxHolic, Vol. 18 (xxxHOLiC #18) CLAMP

xxxHolic, Vol. 18 (xxxHOLiC #18)


Published 2009
176 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This continues to be one of my favorite manga series ever. CLAMPs art continues to be top-notch gorgeous, and subtle--I still cant quite figure out how they can make Watanukis face show more maturity even though he hasnt been aging for many years.The story shows Watanukis maturity too, and Doumekis. Their concerns, conversations, the tone of their arguments, has all evolved. The central story in this volume is one of my favorites: showing Watanukis tenderness toward a young child as well as Doumekis continuing faithfulness in fetching and carrying for Watanuki as well as being his protector and exorcist. Their relationship is ever-changing yet essentially the same, with all kinds of subtleties shown in their words and expressions.Seing Kohane as a young woman is delightful, and Mokona, Maru and Moro show genuine affection and devotion as well as being great comic relief.Its a pity theres only one volume left as there is so much opportunity for great stories here. Im continually disappointed that Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is more popular (at least in the US) when its less original and has, I think, less compelling characters, not to mention an even more confusing tangle of plots.