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Crossing Bridges Patrick Wholey

Crossing Bridges

Patrick Wholey

Published November 30th 2007
ISBN : 9780595706365
224 pages
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 About the Book 

An exceptional debut. Humorous and honest, its fearless, entertaining writing.-Matt Wunsch, Southern Rhode Island Newspapers.In early 2005, everything in Patrick Wholeys life is on unstable ground. He has two young children, a new job, and a wife suffering from postpartum depression. A phone call from his mother sends Patrick on an unexpected trip to Venice, Italy, where his father is hospitalized in serious condition.Alone in a foreign country, Patrick must navigate not only his physical surroundings but help his father recover and return to the United States. Patrick reconnects with his father and at the same time builds a life-changing relationship with Carlo, the man who saved his fathers life and befriends both father and son.Deeply honest and engaging, Crossing Bridges addresses the real-life issues of depression, alcoholism, and parenting. This ultimately uplifting memoir is about realizing who we are, in the midst of dire circumstances, with the help of others wisdom and our own inner guidance.