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Robert Gentry Gary Simmons

Robert Gentry

Gary Simmons

Published November 7th 2013
Kindle Edition
238 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In 1950, a wounded Korean veteran returns e Mississippi Delta. He marries a neighbor’s daughter after losing his lifelong sweetheart to a local banker’s son.One hot Sunday afternoon he comes home to find the sheriff in his front yard. His wife lies on their bed murdered with her own stockings.Robert Gentry is the only suspect. This causes him to face a murder charge he didnt commit. In the Mississippi Delta, this incident normally wouldnt make the news. For reasons only known to Robert. He refuses to tell his where abouts all afternoon and whom he was keeping company.With this action, the plot thickens.Robert finds out he has friends in high places. For 232 pages, you will read about how one young man sets the whole delta and its culture on one ear. Even while going through this crisis he still makes time for the love of his life, Molly. Who happens to come from one of the oldest and richest families in the area.This is a book that you will have no idea of what you will find on the next page.If you are a mystery expert, you may figure out who killed young Jane Gentry but odds are against you that you will figure out who witnessed it and blackmailed the killer.