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Its Really A New Age Allen Eric Firesong

Its Really A New Age

Allen Eric Firesong

Published October 1st 2000
ISBN : 9780970503206
203 pages
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 About the Book 

Its Really A New Age is a spiritual novel about three colorful groups of people who are living out their dreams in the new millenium. One group lives on the land, in the country, in tune with nature. Another lives in the city, loves community, and is involved in the holistic, metaphysical movement. The third group manages a successful commune and has turned their land into a place of healing and spiritual growth. After becomming familiar with their lives, you go on an adventure with them, to a Nature Festival, and while there you participate in several days of peace, love, and spiritual awakening.However, when too much peace and love occurs in one place, the government has to get involved, and so have assigend Special Agent Jay Newcomb to the case. Armed with a plan the agent decends upon the festival site.